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Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @Citadel1842: Welcome to The Citadel, 2022—let's see what you've got. #OurMightyCitadel https://t.co/UoaRAuM03A 3 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate The number of unfilled jobs reached a 17-year high last quarter, with demand for workers growing the most in the tr… https://t.co/pLDLDJ9iR8 6 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate Enjoyed seeing so many friends at the Elanco GOP Committee fundraiser last evening. Special thanks to Jim Shirk who… https://t.co/XoPp2wsQt8 1 week ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate “If I major in anthropology I have a right to know that it may not get me a great job.” https://t.co/SjG07mQhZD 2 weeks ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate Construction jobs don’t require a college education and generally pay well. But young people aren’t interested—one… https://t.co/yv1ugFEiYj 2 weeks ago

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Ryan has never shied away from doing what’s right for the people of Lancaster County. More importantly, he’s always willing to tell us where he stands on the issues – and listen to our ideas and concerns as well.

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