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Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @SenatorAument: I want to express my thanks to all those educators who worked with me to develop SB 751, Teacher Evaluation proposal. On… 1 day ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @Citadel1842: Some views never get old. 😎 https://t.co/cr3ND0nSD0 1 day ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate On free college, Bernie tries to leap Senator Warren in a single $1.6 trillion socialist bound. https://t.co/mR7TDL0WbD 2 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate Consequences are big as church attendance declines and the birthrate drops https://t.co/MS6FzNKujU 2 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @SenatorAument: We have the opportunity to provide our educators with the meaningful feedback they deserve, reduce the emphasis on stand… 2 days ago

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Ryan has never shied away from doing what’s right for the people of Lancaster County. More importantly, he’s always willing to tell us where he stands on the issues – and listen to our ideas and concerns as well.

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