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Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate I am sending a contribution to support Senator Scott Martin’s campaign for re-election. Will you join me? Visit -… https://t.co/fiGpTKDvYx 5 hours ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate Pleased to join Speaker Bryan Cutler and co-host an event at Rock Lititz last night to support our outstanding GOP… https://t.co/Q2YK4O4EBB 3 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @SenatorAument: I know it’s been difficult for many to keep up w/ all the news & changing info on the many issues facing PA, so here’s a… 1 week ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @SenatorAument: Earlier this week, I was at Mick’s All American Pub in Mount Joy to talk about the devastating impact that Governor Wolf… 1 week ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @SenatorAument: community’s reaction to it, the media’s coverage of it, & my responsibility as an elected representative to respond to i… 1 week ago

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Ryan has never shied away from doing what’s right for the people of Lancaster County. More importantly, he’s always willing to tell us where he stands on the issues – and listen to our ideas and concerns as well.

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