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Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate Wishing our sweet John David Aument (Jack) a very happy 8th birthday! https://t.co/n8ragZT5UH 3 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate Celebrating Jack’s 8th birthday (and the return of @cj_wentz ) with his friends Michael and Connor. https://t.co/1SUSy3uiXn 3 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @SenatorAument: In New Holland this morning to attend Rep. David Zimmerman’s annual Farmer’s Breakfast. https://t.co/qtJSfa7Xyh 4 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate The New New Normal? Jobless claims hit a record low, while stocks surge to a new high. https://t.co/Uz5L9bfLp5 5 days ago
Ryan Aument Ryan Aument @AumentForSenate RT @LititzRecord: The September 20, 2018 edition of the Lititz Record Express will be ready soon! https://t.co/M1j6Vd7FQC 6 days ago

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Ryan has never shied away from doing what’s right for the people of Lancaster County. More importantly, he’s always willing to tell us where he stands on the issues – and listen to our ideas and concerns as well.

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