Aument For Senate 2018 Campaign Kick-Off Picnic

Kate Aument speech introducing Senator Aument at the Aument for Senate 2018 Campaign Kick-Off.  See video here –

Senate Passes Aument Measure to Promote Independent of Inspector General

Senate Bill 527, sponsored by Senator Ryan Aument, passed the Senate today with strong bipartisan support. The bill will provide the Office of Inspector General with greater authority and independence to investigate and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars. Currently, the Office of Inspector General operates under Executive Order and could be eliminated […]


In the Rotunda of Pennsylvani’s Capitol Building, there are several large murals which were painted as a tribute to Pennsylvania and its history. Four of the canvases are circular and 14 feet in circumference, and four are crescent-shaped and measure 38 feet by 22 feet. The circular canvases represent art, law, religion and science. Three […]

Aument Introduces Bill to Increase Transparency in Public Sector Collective Bargaining

Joining with fellow Lancaster County Senator Scott Martin, Senator Ryan Aument introduced proposals today to provide transparency to the process of negotiating salary and benefits for government and public school employees. Aument cited the importance of ensuring transparency in the collective bargaining process since the results of those deals are ultimately paid by taxpayers and […]

Aument Seeks “Direct Removal” of Lancaster County Sheriff

Senator Ryan Aument today announced that when the General Assembly reconvenes in January 2017, he will work to invoke the provisions of Article VI § 7 of the Constitution of Pennsylvania to direct the Governor to remove the Lancaster County Sheriff from public office. “The time has come to act, and if Lancaster County’s Sheriff […]